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Grass-Fed Meats

Hi, we are the Simundsson’s, the family behind Prairie Grass-Fed Meats. Our current homestead was settled in 1901, just outside of Arborg, MB, by our ancestors, who emigrated from Iceland. We are currently in the fourth generation of farmers to work the land and care for livestock and are passionate about sustainable farming practices and healthy food. Bragi and Heather currently run the farm, with two of their children, Odinn and Heida, beginning to take a role in various aspects of the operation. Our diversified farm consists of grass-fed beef, lamb and poultry as well as both conventional and organic grains, oilseeds, and forages and a leafcutter bee pollination program.


Do you cook grass-fed beef differently?

Slower at a lower heat

Because the overall fat content of grass-fed beef is lower than grain-fed beef, it is important to cook it slower at a lower heat to have the best tasting beef.


What health benefits are there from consuming grass-fed beef?

Many proven health benefits

There are many proven health benefits to consuming grass-fed beef. Most notably is an overall healthier ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids. It is also noticeably higher in vitamin A and E and beta-carotene.